Sputnikerella is a Movie from Astroblast! It First Appears on Saturday, November 19, 2016 On Jimmy Neutron Network!

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This movie is a parody of Cinderella, a popular Disney movie that first aired on April 14, 1998 with a test pilot on July 10, 2004. Sputnik was Cinderella, Veezleboogs were Birds, Bloodoo & Doobloo were Gus & Jaq, Glippi was Lucifer, Flash & Dale was Bruno, Lucy Zoofies were Chickens, Kahootians were Drizella, Anistasia & Stepmother, Zelda & Morg were The King and The Grand Duke, Lord Quanj was The Fairy Godmother and Radar was Prince Charming, Comet's Birthday is on January 20, 2016, Hector Berlioz's Hungarian March is on March 21, 1726, Do Something is from Cinderelmo on May 13, 2004, The Beaver (voiced by Khamani Griffin), The Raccoon (voiced by Jack Samson), The Squirrel (voiced by Felix Chrome) and The Chipmunk (voiced by Allison Wachtfogel), Planet Earth is near The Astroblast Space Station in November 2016.

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  • Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer & Sprout Movies logo
  • Astroblast theme song
  • Sputnikerella title
  • Sputnik Wakes Up to a Bright Sunny Day!
  • A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes Music Video
  • Doobloo looks at Sputnik
  • Doobloo found Bloodoo
  • Flash &Dale & Glippi
  • Breakfast Time
  • Glippi chases Bloodoo
  • Kahootians were being Bossed at Sputnik
  • Zelda & Morg Organize the Ball
  • Sing Sweet Nightangale Music Video
  • Sputnik takes a bubble bath
  • Norman says "Open In the Name of Zelda!"
  • Sputnik Asks The Kahootians If She Can Go to the Ball
  • The Work Song Music Video
  • Doobloo & Bloodoo & Glippi
  • A Dream is a Wish Reprise Music Video
  • Kahootians spoil Sputnik's Dress!
  • Sputnik gets scared!
  • Sputnik meets Lord Quanj
  • Do Something Music Video
  • Loed Quanj does Magic
  • Hector Berlioz's Hungarian March Music Video
  • It's Comet's Birthday!
  • Sputnikerella meets Prince Radar
  • Sputnikerella Dances With Prince Radar
  • So This is Love Music Video
  • Sputnik leaves the Ball!
  • Zelda discusses with Morg!
  • The Kahootians lock Sputnik in her Bedroom!
  • Morg is Here!
  • Doobloo & Bloodoo steal The Key!
  • The Animals Help Sputnik
  • Glippi Dies
  • Morg tries the Glass Slipper on Sputnik's foot
  • Happy Ending
  • End Credits
  • Soup 2 Nuts, Scholastic & Sprout Movies logo.Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer

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