Vital statistics
Position Unknown
Age 14
Status Smart
Physical attributes
Height 6
Weight Unknown
nik is a teenager & a pig who wears Purple And has a Itchy voice. She is head smoothie maker at the Astroblast Space Station's smoothie diner, the Frosty Star.

Older Sputnik Edit

1 Looks Edit

She Has Blue Eyes, Red Ears, and A Tiny Star On His Left Foot, Spongy Nose, Wet Mouth, Pink Skin, Itchy Voice, 10 Eyelashes, a Purple spacesuit, 1 Pointy Finger, and Rollercoasters

2 Looks Edit

She Has Light Blue Eyes, Cricket Ears, Star On His Right hand, Pink Skin, a Itchy Voice, 2 Eyelashes, and a Pink Tail.

Bedroom Edit

Princess Edit

From the Ball (Princess Spuntik) January 3 Sputnik's Birthday

Counterparts Edit

Niksput (Mixels) - have familiar names