Game Planet is a video game planet featured in Astroblast.


Comet stood outside Game Planet while looking at Bubble Bots through the window. He checked his pockets and kangaroo pouch outside the planet and hallucinated Sputnik's face on the Bubble Bot standee, who told Comet to get a job which the leader Astroblast agreed to do. ("Building the Perfect Present")

Halley had Comet drive her to the planet in order to pick up a new copy of Dog Simulator 2000. Angry that backing up his pizza was interrupted for a stupid reason, Comet knocked the game out of her hand. ("Oh Brother!")

Team Astroblast defeated the Victoria Fivers in front of the store. ("CometXSputnik")



  • List of known products:
    • Bubble Bots
    • Invasion of the Bubble Bots 2 (assumed)
    • Dog Simulator 2000
    • Puppy Tummy Tickles (assumed)
    • Unnamed Game with Brain Ultimate Boss (assumed)
    • Unnamed Alien Superheroes Game (assumed)