Vital statistics
Position Dog
Age 15
Status Leader
Physical attributes
Height 6 feet
Weight N/A

Comet is a dog who wears blue and wags his tail from A Tail of Tails. He is voiced by Vinnie Penna

Comet is closest friends with Halley. He is very close to being best friends with her

Comet is also a big fan of the alien superhero Captain Super Duper where he owns all 57 of the comics and is a lover of the three Captain Super Duper movies where Don Clayton plays the superhero.

In one episode Comet was almost crying when he didn't want to give away Captain Super Duper and his glittery parachute.

Looks Edit

Comet has brown fur, short black ears, black eyes, a black nose, black spots on his body, and wears a blue spacesuit, and white boots with blue soles. 

Bedroom Edit

Birthday Edit

January 4 (Comet's Birthday)