Radar the Monkey

Bend it like Radar is an episode of Astroblast


It all starts where a blue alien drinks a smoothie and Comet asks can he get him anything else the blue Alien says he's all set then Comet looks at his watch and he whistles to his friends Jet catches the glass withh his Blue baseball glove and then Halley catches the glass and then it goes to Sputnik washing the dishes she shouts Incoming! And then Sal catches the glass and then Radar comes in playing on his tablet and then we wonders where all of his friends gone and then Comet rushes to him and tells Radar the big news but Radar suddenly doesn't want to play and then Sputnik tries to talk to him then Radar still doesn't want to play Halley asks why? But then Radar says because it's Tuesday then the Camera zooms on Halley's face looking puzzled but then Radar says he's Thirsty so Sal comes Quick with a glass of water and Radar drinks it his friends watch him and then Radar says he's hungry and Sal gives him a smoothie and his friends still watch and Radar was gonna go play his tablet but gets annoyed by his friends then they're in the sorting room humming while putting sorting stuff Comet says to Radar there's a can on the ground Radar picks it up and puts it back suddenly all his friends cheer in his face and Comet gets the flying boots and everyone puts them on and Radar watches and they do a little practice and then the ball comes to Radars feet and he almost fell but Jet caughtthen the duff an guy comes in and says facada facada faaaacada waaaaacada while dancing nsejejdiijrhlodnwiWHid him and they'll asks what's wrong and Radar says everything is wrong with him and Comet says if he's sick he can't play Quasmo digi soccor so Radar walks away and Halley tells him get better then Comet looks out the window and sees that the vivians have arrived so the team get things ready Halley decides to make her friend Radar feel better so she made soup and got flowers and went to Radar's room she hears him playing on his tablet so she opens Radar's door and Radar says achoo? Halley held his hand and Comet said he was feeling better but he was faking to be sick one of the vivans ask when are we going to play but Radar dosen't know if he should play but Comet tells him that there were five vivans and five of them Radar then says can't Sal play but he was already the referie But then All of the vivans leave and Comet talks to Radar alone why he doesn't want to play after the talk Radar plays but the ball hits him Halley asks if he's okay? But Radar felt great and Sputnik tells him that he scored a goal and Sal takes his picture and that's how Radar learned to be on the team.

Characters Present Edit

Trivia Edit

  • This episode reveals to take place on a Tuesday as stated by Radar after Halley asks him why he doesn't want to play.
  • Comet and Radar break the fourth wall by talking about the flashback. Comet actually sees the screen moving, and Radar explains what it is.

Goofs Edit

  • Radar doesn't seem to know when his birthday is. He asks Comet if today was his birthday. This is ironic because everyone is supposed to know when their birthday is.
  • When everyone is about to go help Radar in the storage room, Halley disappears.